cropped-screen-shot-2016-08-15-at-12-08-31-am1.pngI am just a festival loving, crystal collecting, picture taking, idealistic thinking 18 year old girl who is eager to explore the world and learn unfamiliar things. I am the one who embraces life to the fullest while promoting peace, love and happiness every where I go.

My blog is not seeking perfection. In my eyes perfection is unattainable, and life is better lived messy. Emma Mercury is one beautiful girl who has inspired me to follow what I enjoy doing and in the process hopefully inspire others to do the same.  I will tell you now that keeping an open mind is not always easy. Its so incredibly important to start practicing as you will be open to everyone and everything. You will be open to new opportunities, people, views, suggestions and interests. Keeping an open mind doesn’t mean we believe and accept everything, but we do listen, observe, feel and try to comprehend every situation thrown at us.

Thank you for reading and hope you really enjoy my posts. Feel free to comment on anything or find me on social media to have a chat!. I am always open to new ideas so feel free to say hey.

instagram- baileymeyer12

snapchat- bailey_meyer

tumblr- normal-is-extremly-boring

email- baileymeyer12@hotmail.com

36 thoughts on “Welcome

      1. Lol its hard to remember/keep it straight. I haven’t been blogging as much the last few months because high school leaves you with absolutely no time!

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  1. It’s the coolest thing to find other people who are doing the same type of thing as you. It’s so crazy to think we all live in different parts of the world, and yet we all share a passion for this aspect of creation! I’m fifteen also, turning 16 next month, and I made my blog a couple months ago! I wish you luck on the growth of your blog, I’m definitely going to follow ❤

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  2. cool girls keep it up. ..and the thing about perfection for me is ” Perfection is Masturbation” as Tyler Durden told it to Tyler Durden. and i like the concept of two girls working together to create something beautiful.

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  3. Don’t worry girls this purgatory is full of life and is much more fun then what has been taught to you about purgatory.Forget the textbooks, your mother/father’s, grandmother/grandfather’s definition of it or as a whole the definition given to you by a man with white robe and a funny muffler and seems to be always walking straight and loves molesting childrens. Actually this is the place between heaven/Hell and Earth where you can be actually free, be yourself without giving damn about what other’s think of you.I believe in something maybe it’s called humanity and nothing else, enjoy your stay as long as you are here go explore. don’t forget it’s not he or she or them you belong to. Cheers to life and it’s mysteries.

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  4. It’s so exciting to come across more beautiful, like-minded, passionate Australian girls!! good luck with your blog and your journey – I’m so excited to follow along xo // hopefully you can check out mine and we can get to know each other! I’d love to collab/work together some time.
    https://seafoaming.com – Abby x

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